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From Lisa Frank to milky pens, Beanie Babies to the Macarena, the '90s gifted us with a ton of memorable things. And beyond just toys, pens, and silly dances, the '90s also came with a wave of beauty products and trends. 

You know how they say scent is the strongest sense tied to memory? Well that'll probably explain why so many of these items are still fresh in your brain. Let's just say the '90s were all about scents, flavors, and colors — from head to toe.

We looked back in time to bring you 20 of the most memorable '90s beauty products, and were surprised to learn that a decent amount — for better or worse — are still around today. So if any of these have you feeling some type of way, there's a chance you could relive your past and bring it back some twenty years later. 

Check out these iconic beauty products that every '90s kid will remember. Those sure were the days.