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I may be a millennial, but I loved me some David Bowie. I still remember the first time I ever heard Suffragette City –– my dad played the song for me on the thumping old black boombox he gifted me when I was a teenager. (Biggest stereo ever. It was totally badass.) And I was obsessed from the beginning, gliding and twirling and dancing around my room to the sounds of Bowie's croon, right through the tumultuous tides of girl-dom at thirteen and fourteen.

I loved it all: The dramatic hair, the colorful makeup, the bell bottoms, the glittering glam rock. I watched movies like Velvet Goldmine with utter and complete fascination. And I never forgot that feeling, especially as I grew to fall in love with the scintillating art of beauty and fashion and music as a means of glorious self-expression and discovery.

David Bowie taught me that. He taught the world that.

That extraterrestrial attitude and incredible stage energy were truly legendary. But if you ask me (and plenty of others), Bowie's ubiquitous appeal arose from the ability not only to convince those in his audience who felt awkward and uncomfortable in their own skin –– and their society –– that they were not alone, but that they were beautiful and capable and worthy of transformation themselves.

From the Goblin King to Ziggy Stardust, Bowie had many zany and dazzling personas. That much is evident in the legacy he left behind. And he will never be forgotten, for that and the way he made us feel. Keep scrolling for endlessly touching tattoo ideas that remain in permanent homage to the late, great David Bowie. (Image via Pinterest.)