Follow Your Bliss: How Kristine Fredheim Became a Spiritual Guide

Spiritual coach and medium Kristine Fredheim tells us how she helps others find inner peace and lasting fulfillment.

Soul Life spiritual coach and psychic/medium Kristine Fredheim  
Soul Life spiritual coach and psychic/medium Kristine Fredheim

Who: Kristine Fredheim

Where: Stavanger, Norway

By Day: Author, mother, spiritual coach and founder of Soul Life, a company that helps people find inner peace and lasting fulfillment in life 

By Night: Psychic/medium

The last thing you’d think when you see Kristine Fredheim is that she can commune with spirits.

Author? Sure. Spiritual coach? Absolutely. Mother? A devoted one, no doubt about it. But able to communicate with the spirits of those who are long dead and gone? If you’re not a believer in that kind of thing, it could be a little hard to swallow.

But when the green-eyed beauty begins to speak about how she’s always been able to feel energies strongly around her, whether they’re alive or – well, not – the disbelief begins to rapidly deflate. You can’t help but be drawn in by the web she weaves with her words.

The world of energy and spirits that Kristine speaks of is one that has fascinated me for years. I’m moved to think that she’s come to me at the right time, and it makes sense: The mystic believes that her sole mission in life is not only to commune with the dead, but to help people find lasting fulfillment through letting go of residual negative energies from the past. In the process, she helps them to move on to a brighter future.

Of course, you can’t have any hope of changing the future without first taking a look at your past; and I was undoubtedly brimming with curiosity at how Kristine found her way on this decidedly uncommon path in life.

What inspired you to become a spiritual coach?

"I wanted to become more grounded and learn more about mental health," Kristine tells me candidly. "As a psychic-medium, I work as a channel to pass on messages; but as a coach, I help my clients figure things out themselves. Figuring out your issues on your own with the help of a coach can bring out a lot confident and trust in yourself. It also makes you feel independent because you dig into your own emotions and resolve whatever the issues may be."

Follow Your Bliss: How Kristine Fredheim Became a Spiritual Guide

When did you first realize your passion lay in helping others find inner peace and fulfillment?

"I realized it through helping others and while writing my first book, Behind My Face. I wrote about the loss of my father and how it changed my life to the extreme, as well as the road to happiness.

But it wasn’t after it was published, when the e-mails started pouring in from people thanking me for inspiring them, to continue walking strong. That’s when I felt a deep understanding that I was meant to do what I do," the gifted guide shares.

Let go of the past in a healthy, positive way, and look forward to moving on into your future.

–Kristine Fredheim

What is the primary approach you use to help people let go of and move on from their pasts?

The approach is more scientific than one might think. When I asked Kristine how she can derive practical results in her everyday practice as a spiritual coach, she responded with a reference to a type of therapy called NLP. 

"Neuro-Linguistic Programming is an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy," Kristine shares. "[It was] created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California in the 1970s. In NLP, the coach is not so much interested in your story, but how your brain processes information. I, for example, am very visual. When I think of something or if someone tells me a story, I picture it in my head."

  • Neuro – Your Nervous System (the mind & body working together.)

  • Linguistic – Language & Communications (verbal & non-verbal.)

  • Programming – The process used to achieve consistent results.

The creators of NLP claim there is a connection between the neurological processes ("neuro"), language ("linguistic") and behavioral patterns learned through experience ("programming") and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.

In the simplest terms, it’s a way of changing your perspective to change your life.

How does this approach help to break negative mental patterns?

"To break a negative brain pattern, we use techniques that are easy to react to," Kristine tells me.

Some examples of the methods used in NLP:

  • Letting go of all unnecessary baggage by feeling out your emotions.

  • Reframing situations by learning from them and making them positive.

  • Anchoring, meaning heightening positive feelings, and touching a small part of your body for a few seconds. When needed, to access that positive feeling, press that same spot because your body remembers everything.

Read more about NLP here.

On your website you mention that you are “blessed to have the ability to connect with those who have transcended into another realm.” When did you first realize you had this ability? Can you tell us more about it?

"As far as I can remember, I’ve always been able to read energies," Kristine says mysteriously. "I knew what kind of people to stay away from and whom I felt safe with. Growing up, I didn’t like men at all because they would come on with such strong and masculine energy that scared me. The only male I felt comfortable with was my father. My grandfather was a very determined man with an insane amount of strength I’d never experienced before, and it wasn’t before my early teens when I felt it was okay to be around him alone. I was very fragile as a child, so I was very sensitive to energies that came on too strong. Today it’s vice versa!

The first time that I saw a spirit clearly was when I was still in my crib and this beautiful young lady with wavy blonde hair came to me. She looked like a Hollywood star from the 50’s. She wore a white blouse and a black pencil skirt... no shoes. She leaned over my crib and told me I was the cutest thing she’d ever seen. Then, she stroked my cheeks gently with her hand. She faded with a smile and I could hear her giggle linger in the room after she left. I wasn’t scared – I felt at peace because I knew this woman from before and it made me happy that she came to say hello.

As the years went by, I didn’t see her that clearly, but I could sense her around me. I told my parents about this lady, but they didn’t know what to think. They didn’t know what I was talking about until one day, I was able to point her out on TV. It was none other than Miss Marilyn Monroe. So, I grew up with her images in my room. I still have tons of photos of her in my house. It wasn’t until I had a past life reading and regression that it was confirmed I was once incredibly close to Miss Monroe.

Follow Your Bliss: How Kristine Fredheim Became a Spiritual Guide

Normally, in a reading, I don’t see the spirits with my eyes, but I get images in my head. Then, I feel their energy and I’m able to give messages to my clients from their loved ones. This is my favorite thing to do! It’s such a healing process and kind of magical for both my client and me. The messages are personal, specific and powerful, so there is no way of cheating on this one for the non-believers!"