'The Hills' Alum Lo Bosworth On Her Wellness Brand, Self-Care, And Why She's Never Going Back To Reality TV

We were excited to learn about Lo's all-natural feminine hygiene brand, Love Wellness.

Courtesy of Lo Bosworth / Love Wellness

Lo Bosworth has come a long way since her days on MTV. In fact, The Hills alum-turned-entrepreneur would rather not be associated with it any longer. Like many celebrities, Lo made the classic pivot to become a businesswoman. But unlike most other celebrities, she refuses to cash in on cheap reunions and revival shows. She's a true girl boss — a proud feminist who has spoken out about the fact that a reality show's script and programming does not adhere to the new life she's built for herself, nor the place she wants to be emotionally. And we commend her for that.

So, instead of wavering in that drama-strewn world, she made the pivot. And in addition to starting several of her own businesses, from 2012 and on — not to mention starting her own feminine hygiene brand, Love Wellness (but more on that in a moment) — she's now an author and lifestyle blogger. Lo is the type of aspirational blogger who crafts unassailably authentic and relatable content, one who writes with a refreshing and entertaining honesty that informs posts like this one about dating at 30 in the digital age. About matching with Lupe Fiasco on Raya, she says: "I'm sure he is nice, but I don't see a future with a man that lives in Chicago."

Other posts shared on The Lo Down will undoubtedly make you pause to reflect, thinking just how much you can relate. When I read this post about Lo's harrowing struggle with severe anxiety and depression in 2016 — and how she discovered that it was directly affected by vitamin deficiencies — it made me schedule an appointment to get my own vitamin levels checked. And it's candor like this that makes you trust her: Yes, just like you did when you saw her on The Hills. Would Lo Bosworth lead us astray? I think not. 

As for Love Wellness, I was excited to tap Lo via email to learn more about the brand — along with trying several products from the line, which features a range of probiotics, supplements, and other wellness products geared specifically for women. Not only is the packaging totally 'gram-worthy (aesthetic on point!), but it's all natural, and the stuff really works. I can personally attest to feeling like I'm floating on cloud 9 while driving home from work after several days of sampling Lo's magical "Mood Pills" — and let's just say my hourly weekday commute to and from San Francisco is not a fun one. 

Livingly: What made you want to start Love Wellness? Can you tell our readers what the process of starting a natural feminine hygiene brand was like?

Lo Bosworth: I started Love Wellness because of personal frustrations with the feminine hygiene aisle at the drugstore. I found most of the products there created more issues than they solved due to their cheap chemical formulations. Additionally, I found a lot of the messaging with certain types of products to be anti-feminist, crafted to push women into thinking they need unnecessary products.

I founded Love Wellness to change the status quo. Women deserve a body-positive experience when it comes to taking care of their health, not one that leaves them feeling embarrassed or ashamed. We provide women with safe, natural, and OB/GYN products for common infections and irritations, along with a mission to create a more open and proactive self-care culture.

'The Hills' Alum Lo Bosworth On Her Wellness Brand, Self-Care, And Why She's Never Going Back To Reality TV
Courtesy of Lo Bosworth / Love Wellness

You’ve expressed that you’re not at all interested in joining The Hills reunion, and I think we can all respect that, considering your shift over the past decade into entrepreneurship.

Did you have to consciously make that shift, or was it just something that happened organically once you started your business? Do you feel you had an advantage because of the audience The Hills created?

LB: I'm in the very fortunate position of having a platform in which I can connect with women because of my experience on The Hills. I'd never go back and rewrite history in that regard; however, being on a show in which you don't have control over your own narrative is difficult emotionally. I wouldn't choose to participate in programming of that nature again knowing what I know now. My life is totally different now too: I've lived in NYC since 2012 and have been running different businesses. Love Wellness is my full-time job and I love it!  

In today's world, self-care is no longer an indulgence — it's a necessity. some would even call it an act of resistance. Do you agree? When it comes to self-care, what's your go-to practice for when life feels overwhelming or stressful?

LB: I strongly feel that due to technology we don't allow our bodies and minds to turn off. We're addicted to email, our phones, social media and the news-cycle. So yes, self-care is a necessity. 20 years ago we lived our lives in a totally different way — one that I would argue is healthier. I'm always trying to get back to that place.

What introductory product would you recommend to readers curious about trying out Love Wellness for themselves?

LB: Our customers love our Good Girl Probiotics (for good gut and feminine health), Bye Bye Bloat (for sodium and hormonal bloating), and Lights Out (a natural and organic sleep and anxiety aid)!  

'The Hills' Alum Lo Bosworth On Her Wellness Brand, Self-Care, And Why She's Never Going Back To Reality TV
Courtesy of Lo Bosworth / Love Wellness

What’s your personal fave product in the line? (I know, probably a tough choice!)

LB: I love the pH Balancing Cleanser! It's a 100% naturally formulated product, and pH balanced to match the vaginal environment. This cleanser is for the vulva specifically, which doctors recommend you wash with a mild cleanser (different than the vagina, the internal organ, which is self-cleaning). The issue with traditional cleansers is that they generally have a basic pH between 9-10, which can throw off the acidic vaginal environment and lead to infections. Our cleanser allows for proper personal hygiene because it's pH is acidic, just like the vaginal environment, so your microbiome is kept intact while you get clean.

Do you have any advice you’d like to share for female entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

LB: Test your idea on a small scale and don't leave your current job until your new project has gotten some traction!

At Livingly, we strive to “live life beautifully.” What does living beautifully mean to you?

LB: Living beautifully means approaching life from a place of positivity. I used to live in a negative space, but dealing with personal health issues really woke me up in that regard. You have the power to change your perspective — just make the decision to do so.

Learn more about Love Wellness — and try it out for yourself! — here. You can also check out Lo's blog, The Lo Down, here.