14 Quickfire Questions with Actress Tanna Frederick

The actress, surfer, and philanthropist takes time out of her busy schedule to give us the details on her most embarrassing movie moment and the best part of her day.

14 Quickfire Questions with Actress Tanna Frederick
Odyssey Barbu

At this point, we're not entirely sure when actress and activist Tanna Frederick actually sleeps. Between her busy film and stage career, surfing, marathon training, charity work, and more, she's clearly a woman on the move. (Even though she makes sure to slow down enough to spend time snuggling with her cute dogs.)

Frederick, who can be seen in Garner, Iowa later this year, took some time out of her busy schedule to answer our quickfire questions about her most embarrassing on-set moment, how she de-stresses, and what accomplishment she's most proud of.

Best part of your day:

"Waking up in the morning with fresh cuppa joe and cuddling with my dogs before a morning run or surf."

Job you'd have if you weren't in showbiz:

"Couldn't do anything else."

'90s music video you love the most:

"Mom wouldn't let us watch MTV so I don't have one."


Accomplishment you're most proud of:

"Buying my Iowan parents a second house in Santa Monica."


One fun fact about yourself:

"I own a limited edition Steve McQueen matte green Bonneville Triumph."

Thing you do to de-stress:

"Run marathons."

Hardest part about managing your career:

"Kicking my own ass."

Favorite #girlboss moment:

"Love every moment with my partner in crime and creative associate producer, Nicole Montano. We're the dynamic duo. Ain't no mountain we can't climb and as she says, 'We're not princesses - we don't need to be saved. We're queens — we got our s*@t handled.'"

Charity that means most to you:

"Mine — ProjectSaveOurSurf.org"

Best/worst date story:

"I've been taken on the most breathtaking dates by some of the loveliest men in the world, all over the world. I'm a lucky girl."

What it means to you to be the first female producer of a narrative virtual reality series:

"Like being Maverick in Top Gun."

14 Quickfire Questions with Actress Tanna Frederick

Your favorite selfie:

"No selfies. Who wants to see 18 pictures of me every day? Selfie-Ishly I'd rather see anything or anyone else."

Best/worst thing about being a stage/film actress:

"An actor's career is all what you invest into it and you can't blame anyone else if you go under or don't meet your goals."

Most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you on a set:

"I was engaged in an intense dramatic love scene with Judd Nelson in the film Just 45 Minutes from Broadway. The scene was a night scene with a full moon up above, lit beautifully, in which Judd's character tells my character that he's in love with me and can't hide it from my sister, his fiancee, and decides he's going to spill the beans about our characters being in love. The problem was that we were filming it in a rural-outdoorsy-woodsy area and the tree I was leaning against unbeknown to me was actually dominated by this fierce army of red ants. I was in a slinky dress and had to stay still and stare longingly at Judd.

As the takes unfolded I first felt a little tickle, five ants or so, making their way down my neck to my back and down my legs. But as time went on the entire battalion of ants decided I was the tree now and the bridge to their destination so pretty soon I had fifty and eventually a hundred or so ants marching across my body with the director screaming for me to not look so agitated and distressed because it was a love scene. Of course, I didn't say there was a problem I just kept going so as not to disappoint the crew and everyone but finally the ants started biting me and I freaked out and couldn't handle the insect factor and dropped to the ground and started rolling around on the grass to get them off me. I kept picking ants off me for the rest of the night."

14 Quickfire Questions with Actress Tanna Frederick
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