You Need to Hear These Wise Words on Joy

This is for anyone who is afraid to "jinx" their happiness by, well, feeling happy.

I've been a follower of Dr. Brené Brown since her extraordinary TedTalks on vulnerability and shame. Not to sound dramatic, but they're life changing. Unsurprisingly, Oprah is also a fan of Brown's brilliance. In fact, I recently came across an inspiring talk the two had about joy that really struck a chord.

Do you ever feel immensely happy only to find yourself tempering your positivity with a thought like, "Well, it probably won't last for long," or "Something bad is bound to happen," and "I shouldn't get too excited." I find myself doing this to a superstitious degree. As if feeling happy jinxes my happiness. I wonder how many of us wander around with an underlying fear even when things are at their best.

Fortunately, I believe Brown's words are the cure.

These were my five favorite takeaways:

1. "If you asked me what's the most terrifying, difficult emotion we experience as humans, I would say joy."

2. "How many of you have ever said, 'Wow work is going good, good relationship with my partner, parents seem to be doing okay, something bad is going to happen.' "

3. "What we do in moments of joyfulness is beat vulnerability to the punch...we're trying to dress rehearse tragedy."

4. "This is what the joyful people do…they get that shudder, too…(but) they say I'm going to practice gratitude."

5. "We're all chasing the extraordinary and we forget (the little things.)"

Let's all resolve to lean into those joyful moments this year—and feel unapologetically happy about the tiny stuff.