Inspiring Women: How Candice Romo Is Helping Moms Win at Parenting

The mom of three teamed up with her BFF Hollie Siglin to create Hawk + Sloane, an innovative brand of sprays to aid all sorts of parenting woes.

Inspiring Women: How Candice Romo Is Helping Moms Win at Parenting
Courtesy Hawk + Sloane

Parenting is a tough job — everyone knows that. But you might now know that there's a cool new line of sprays available that aim to make it a little bit easier. Hawk + Sloane, started by Tony Romo's wife Candice Romo and her best friend Hollie Siglin, was created to combat everyday parenting hurdles in a safe, effective manner.

The line currently includes six different sprays, each to ease a different parenting woe. One is Stinky Spray, which helps eliminate icky diaper smell, another is Sassy Spray, an apple cider vinegar-based spray that you can use as a disciplinary method when your kids say a naughty word or talk back etc (think of it as an alternative to the old-fashioned method of washing your kids' mouths out with soap). There's also one to ward off scary (imaginary) monsters in the closet — it's formulated with soothing essential oils — and makes for a cute nighttime routine with young kids. Parents will also be happy to know that there's a Lice Spray, which is used to protect your kids from getting lice in the first place during an outbreak.

The Hawk + Sloane brand is great for kids and parents and we recently got the lowdown on it from Candice. Read below for details on her brand vision, life as a football wife and mom of three, and how she lives life beautifully.

Tell us about Hawk + Sloane and why it was important for you to create the brand.

Hawk + Sloane was co-founded with my best friend Hollie Siglin and I, and the line currently consists of six different children’s sprays . Sassy Spray is how it all started, when I mentioned to Hollie that I read a spoonful of apple cider vinegar on the tongue would help with talking back. From here, we thought putting it in a spray bottle would make it easier as a mom on the go.

Inspiring Women: How Candice Romo Is Helping Moms Win at Parenting
Courtesy Hawk + Sloane

Once we had success with it and realizing there wasn’t anything like it on the market, it was important for us to share it with other parents! That was when the fun of Hawk + Sloane began! One of my favorite sprays is Soothie Spray – it used to be my go-to gift for friends with newborns and now it is the #1 used spray in my house right now. It is a miracle worker and game changer when it comes to avoiding diaper rash!

What are your next goals for Hawk + Sloane?

Our main goal right now is to focus on our retailers and increase availability at stores across the nation. We are in about 75 locations mostly in the southern region of the US, and we would love Hawk + Sloane to be found on the East and West coast soon! Long term goals would include introducing several more sprays (we are in the process of testing some really cool new sprays) and our DREAM would be to be found in some big box stores such as Target, Babies R Us, and Nordstrom where you can often find Hollie and I, like every other busy mom every week!

How did your former work as a journalist help your current career endeavors?

Being a former journalist has helped in more ways than I expected when starting and running our business. I have never been a sales-type person, but I believe in sharing things that are important, changing lives or pull at my heartstrings. Similar to influencing candidates to listen to my stories as a broadcaster, I found myself really excited to share how Hawk + Sloane is helping families including my own. Being a broadcaster also taught me to utilize your peers and the importance of networking with others. Those same peers, including positive and negative critics, have helped shape, encourage, boost and create the direction of where Hawk + Sloane is headed. I am very grateful for that.

You just welcomed your third son. What are the keys to balancing family life and professional life, all while being married to NFL star-turned-analyst Tony Romo?

I love when I get asked this question because the honest answer is I TRY to balance! Ha! There is no magical answer of how to juggle between a newborn, two very active big brothers, running a company and a hard-working husband that travels. In the midst of the craziness, I have learned to sometimes let go of the schedules, the multiple appointments on the calendar, the hundreds of emails in my inbox and the growing to-do list. Instead of letting those things lead our life, we really just focus on time spent with our families, our faith and our friends - and do our best to keep up with everything else.

What are three things that got you where you are today?

1 . This might sound cheesy, but my mom – she is full of wisdom and encouragement. She sacrificed a lot give us the best opportunities! And.. she always answers her phone no matter what!

2. Sports - I always played sports and that competitive drive had to be redirected somewhere! Ha!

3. Tony – without my husband, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to stay home, be with my kids and start a business. He is my biggest cheerleader!

What is the best part of your day?

Nap time... just kidding, but it is up there on the list! I would say dinner time because after juggling our daily schedules, Tony and I love to sit down with the kids, eat dinner as a family and just relax after the meetings, appointments, school days, practices, etc.

Tell us about a time you wanted to throw in the towel — how did get through it?

A few months back, Hollie and I were made aware of someone really criticizing one of our sprays. We are the first to appreciate feedback and we believe that it helps us grow our brand, but this critic was coming from a very unnecessarily negative angle. We started to doubt ourselves and thought “okay, maybe they are right... let’s just throw in the towel.” But, moments like that one is what is so great about having a partnership in a business. We looked up and reminded each other that we support everyone’s right to their opinion, their parenting style and what works for them. This was just another hiccup, we were going to take this experience, learn from it and move forward. It is easy to let one negative over shadow all the positives, but Hollie and I constantly encourage and motivate each other.

At Livingly, our motto is "Live Life Beautifully". What does that mean to you?

First of all, I love that motto! No one has this picture perfect life. We have so many things we have to be grateful for, but we also all have struggles, hurdles and hiccups along the way. I think to live beautifully is to learn from the good and the bad, stay strong in your faith and lean into the people around you!



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