5 Life Lessons From Iris Apfel

Meet your new life and style icon.

5 Life Lessons From Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel is a designer, businesswoman and model. She also happens to be 95—and someone you most definitely want in your squad. This year, she was the star of Iris, a documentary I highly recommend, whether you're a fan of fashion or not. I guarantee you'll be totally charmed and it'll take the edge of any aging fears you might have.

The film is not a fluff piece on the artificial, it's an ode to individuality, life and even love. Apfel spilled so much wisdom throughout the doc I had to take notes. Here were my favorite lessons:

1. Don't give yourself rules:

"I don't have any rules because I'd just be breaking them so it's a waste of time."

2. Be different:

"I like individuality. It's so lost these days. There's so much sameness. Everything is homogenized I hate it."

3. Prioritize happiness:

"It’s better to be happy than well dressed!"

4. Prettiness is overrated:

"I never felt pretty, I don’t feel pretty now; I’m not a pretty person. I don’t like pretty, so I don’t feel badly. And I think it worked out well, because… when you’re somebody like myself, in order to get around and be attractive, you have to develop something, you have to learn something, and have to do something, so you become a bit more interesting."

5. Plastic surgery is a losing game:

"Oh god no, I’m very opposed to that, unless god gave you a nose like Pinocchio or you’re in a fire. You could come out looking like a Picasso...I think if women put some more of the time and money they put on their heads in their heads, they’d be better off. I mean, nobody’s going to think you’re thirty-two, so what’s the point?"

Check out the trailer:

Aren't you in love?