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Karen Alpert, the author of I Want My Epidural Back, runs a hilarious mommy Instagram account that documents her adventures in ‘mediocre parenting.’ She's a welcoming contrast against the parenting blogs that make it look like there are never any tantrums, spills, or dark moments while being a mom.

One of her captions: "Okay, so today I had a brilliant idea. I was walking into Tarjay and I had to pee and I was about to go to the bathroom before I shopped when I changed my mind. Wait, I know what I’ll do, I’ll just hold it!! That’ll totally make me shop way faster and I won’t dilly dally (shit, I’m old when I used words like that), and I’ll just grab what I need and get out of there with less stuff. This is genius!! I was like I can’t wait to share this on Baby Sideburns later because this is the most brilliant Target hack I’ve come up with. I could not have been more wrong. Because here’s what actually happened. Usually I pick shit up and look at it and think about whether I want it or not, but when your pee is up to your eyeballs, you just throw it in the cart." Read the rest of it here!

Image from Karen Alpert via Instagram