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Virgie Tovar is a "Fat Feminist Creator” whose tagline is "lose hate not weight." She speaks openly about fat discrimination and body image, and even started a program called "Babecamp" which is a 4-week online course designed to help women who are ready to break up with diet culture. Her account is one giant rallying cry for acceptance, inclusivity, and body positivity. 

One of her captions: "Even though our politics were largely identical, I couldn’t help but notice that my thin friends were much likelier to have their views legitimized and taken seriously. I noticed that where I was perceived as 'aggressive,' they were perceived as 'interesting.' I noticed they had an easier time finding jobs and internships (and romantic relationships). I wondered if they noticed the difference. And, I’ll admit, I wondered if they saw the approval and opportunities they got as conditional upon their body remaining a non-threatening size."

Image from Virgie Tovar via Instagram