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Aimee Jay gets real about motherhood, posts hilarious memes on how hard and exhausting it is to take care of little ones, and just gives an authentic and honest peek into how it actually feels to be a parent. She's super funny and witty, and you'll wish she was your new best friend. 

One of her captions: "I don't care if you have 1 baby. 
I don't care if you have 37 babies. 
I don't care if your babies are adopted or step babies, foster babies or God babies. It is allllll crazy. 

Of course life changes when you add more babies to the mix, but the roller coaster of motherhood can take you for a friggin loop, no matter how many you're totin' around. You a mama? Then you're in the sisterhood.

The sisterhood means: no judging. No game playing. No high horses, low blows, snarky smirks or pointed fingers. Just love, support & empowerment, girlfriends." 

Image from Aimee Jay via Instagram