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Kate Middleton's Best Tour Outfits Of All Time

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Chris Jackson/Getty Images Europe
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Whenever the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge go on tour, it's not just an international relations affair but a sartorial extravaganza, too. As the royal couple hops from one official event to another, all fashion-loving eyes are on Kate Middleton, checking to see what outfits and designers she'll be wearing.

On those days, she's on the pages of every style magazine and website. Fashionistas everywhere wait for news on what brands she's wearing, and as soon as the info is out, those items start flying off the shelves. Such is the fashion clout of the Duchess that the dresses she wears can sell out within minutes, entire blogs are devoted solely to her style, and brands she wears that were previously known only locally find themselves on the global stage all of a sudden.

As one of the most photographed and most well-traveled style icons in the world, Kate has mastered the art of dressing diplomatically. Her outfits are always carefully chosen — they are not only stylish but also pay tribute to the host nation, whether it's a color that symbolizes the country, a traditional costume, or a local designer. That is why royal tours are always exciting for us style fans. They're several days worth of the very best Kate Middleton fashion for us to ogle!