Growing Pains: Lauren Conrad Spills Her Fashion Regrets

Lauren+Conrad in Lauren Conrad Celebrates Her 25th Birthday At Pure Nightclub
Television personality Lauren Conrad is photographed as she arrives at the Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace to celebrate her birthday February 12, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Conrad turned 25 on February 1. (Getty Images)more pics » Lauren Conrad Just because Lauren Conrad's fine-tuned girly style sends others clamoring for similar looks, don't expect the designer to share that enthusiasm. It seems that despite her status as a burgeoning style icon, Lauren is still pretty tough on herself.

When we chatted with the ultra-polished star, she fessed up to being her own worst critic. And whether she's reflecting upon past red carpet moments, or further back to her time on Laguna Hills, hindsight really is 20/20 for the perfectionist.

Lauren says:
It's usually little things about outfits that I will look back on and think, 'Oh I wish I had worn that differently or done my hair differently with that outfit.' But I think you learn from mistakes– especially when you have photographs, you have the opportunity to learn.

Speaking of learning from past mistakes, if Lauren ever has daughters she hopes to spare them from one potential mistep.

Lauren laughs:

The good news is the teen years aren't at all awkward! I look back and think, 'Who bleached your hair and who plucked your eyebrows?' I think if I ever had a daughter, when it was time to shape her eyebrows I would send her out to get them done. I would never leave her alone with tweezers.
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