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Polished Legging Outfit Ideas For Any Age

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Leggings get the bad reputation of being lazy lounge wear. It's what you fall asleep in after a long night of working, what you go to your yoga class in, and what college girls walk around in when it's time for Ugg weather. Fashion pundits always talk about leggings with a slight smirk, hinting that it's what you wear while running errands or running to your back-to-back morning classes. It's like the equivalent of sweatpants, just panty lines are involved. But luckily for us, athleisure is in, and that street style is beginning to include our yoga collection.

While the soft tights have their off-duty purposes, they can also be elevated to fashion-forward looks. You just need to know how to style them. You'd be surprised what wonders heels, leather jackets, and carefully selected tops could do for the comfy bottoms. And it doesn't matter what age you are — the look isn't just reserved for twenty-somethings. From 16 to 76, leggings are officially a staple for everyone. When paired with block heels, soft knits, and some of the season's trendiest accessories, you start to see their true potential. Ahead are legging outfits for any age — take notes and wear your leggings the next time you step out!