18 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Funk

Ward off the Monday blues or Sunday scaries with these quick and easy fixes.

16 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Funk

Oh, the dreaded funk. Whether you've fallen down the moody rabbit hole due to boredom with your daily routine, or it's coming after you've just returned from the vacay of all vacays (and you're just not ready to return to reality), we've all been there. And while we're all for wallowing sometimes – mostly because it feels all too good to give into – the truth is that the longer you stay stuck in that funk, the longer you'll feel stuck.

Imagine sailing off on the RSS Monday Blues forever. Yeah, I'll pass on that one, thanks. But when you are navigating those turbulent waters, it's all too easy to do some serious damage to your inner and emotional health and overall sense of well-being, sometimes without even realizing it. So take some time for yourself to get out of that funk – because the Sunday scaries don't have to be so scary.

Below are some quick and easy ways to ward off a bad mood:

  • 1

    Do the things that inspire you.

    Exercise your creativity by doing something that inspires you everyday: Whether that entails taking up a new fitness routine, jotting down notes and ideas that come to you throughout the day, or something as simple as curling up with a good book and steaming cup of tea at the end of the day.

  • 2


    Speaking of a new fitness routine, I shouldn't have to tell you by now how vital exercise really is – for our mental health as well as for physical.

  • 3

    Get outside.

    Even just a quick stroll outdoors to break up your work day can do wonders on your mood, as well as productivity. So get outside and take a deep breath – taking a walk outdoors can actually boost your health, and even ease depression, in more ways than one.

  • 4

    Take up journaling.

    Write, draw, doodle, or create a to-do list of goals to tackle daily and/or monthly. Even non-creative types and those without an artistic bone in their bodies can create something of this nature every day – no excuses.

  • 5


    Not a fan of sitting still for that long? (I never used to be, either.) A daily meditation practice doesn't have to be boring, however – it can actually be life-changing. With meditation-made-easy apps like Headspace, you'll find yourself craving that 10 minutes of peace and quiet everyday, and especially when you're not feeling your best.

  • 6

    Plan something fun, either with friends or alone.

    Life is just so better when you have something to look forward to.

  • 7

    Binge-watch something you know will make you laugh.

    Broad City, anyone?

    Side note: Pretty sure it's actually impossible to feel sad while watching Broad City.

  • 8

    Take a second to not care about the calories.

    That's right, take a second bite of that savory cupcake and don't even think about feeling guilty.

  • 9

    Drink some coffee.

    The day I find someone who makes me as happy as coffee does will be the day I realize soulmates really do exist.

  • 10

    Or wine.

    Whatever the question, wine is the answer.

  • 11

    Re-read a favorite book.

    Even if it's just the pages you've dog-eared over the years.

  • 12

    Watch the sunset.

    ...or the sunrise, if you're one of those mystical creatures that enjoy mornings.

  • 13

    Put on some of your favorite tunes.

    And have yourself a little impromptu dance party.

  • 14

    Indulge in a little wanderlust...

    ...even if it's just to daydream about your next trip. Where to next?

  • 15

    Play hooky.

    Take the day off to decompress and spend some time taking care of Y-O-U. Because your mental health matters just as much, if not more, than the tasks you check off your to-do list that day.

  • 16

    Create a scrapbook.

    This might be more of a bittersweet pastime, but there's nothing like scrolling through old photos (or, you know, looking at actual filmography) to boost your mood and remind you of the good times you've had in the past.

    To amp up those positive vibes, try creating a scrapbook to flip through whenever you're feeling down. You'll be surprised how much better the act of crafting memories can make you feel.

  • 17

    Develop feel good rituals.

    Charge your crystals, cleanse your chakras, do a couple sun salutations, maybe even take a nap. Do whatever it is you need to do to ensure that you're releasing old energy patterns – and shedding any and all negative vibes in the process.

  • 18

    Remember to be kind to yourself.

    Allow yourself room to breathe, and more than to play, wonder, daydream, and exercise the parts of your brain you don't normally let see the light of day. Feel all the feels, and then move past them.