How to Get Hair Like Louise Roe

How to Get Hair Like Louise Roe
(Getty) Louise at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Besides envying her amazing sense of style, something else we love about Louise Roe is her always-drop-dead-gorgeous hair. It's the lushest shade of rich brown, is that perfect combination of messy and groomed, and, whether she wears it wavy or straight, it always frames her face and emphasizes her eyes just so.

So when we sat down with her for our Celeb Style Star interview, we had to ask her what her hair secret is.

"You wouldn't believe it, but it's two very old-school products," Louise told us. "Mousse to help hold a curl and dry shampoo to keep volume and texture! I also have balayage with my goddess of a hair colorist, Lorri Goddard, at Prive Salon in Los Angeles."
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