Survey Says: Men are More Romantic than Women

Survey Says: Men are More Romantic than Women
(Getty Images) A couple marries at a Philadelphia Dunkin' Donuts in 2005.

The results are in ladies, and we have some startling news. Men do care about romance, maybe even more than you!

A recent survey conducted by Robbins Brothers, a leading engagement ring store, shows that men are just as likely to want romance in a relationship. In fact, a whopping 60 percent want to be told and shown that they are loved. What's even more shocking is that more than twice as many men as women want to be told daily.

And when it comes to marriage, gone are the traditional days. According to the survey, 30 percent of women and 40 percent of men say it's perfectly acceptable for the woman to propose. But today's men are more open to the idea of wearing an engagement ring. Two-thirds of men on the survey said they would consider wearing a ring. 

But when it comes to actually popping the question, a good old-fashioned proposal is still desirable. Apparently, more men than women think a proposal should be a surprise and 80 percent of respondents say the engagement is really official when there's a ring on the finger. Looks like Beyonce was right after all!

And don't forget about Facebook! When it comes to updating that relationship status, half of respondents say they would change their status immediately after getting engaged. 75 percent say they'd update it in a week. Caution: be wary of YouTube. Only one out of 10 say they would actually propose via YouTube. But two thirds say they would post their proposal onto YouTube.

Bottom line: love is still at the heart of most relationships. So in the spirit of love, be sure to show your partner a little extra romance this Valentine's Day.

To see what else the survey revealed, visit the Robbins Brothers website.
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