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Every sport has its WAGS (wives and girlfriends), and NASCAR is no exception. Though not everyone follows the auto racing sport, that doesn't mean it's not a massive industry bursting with fans, as well as superstar championship drivers. 

As you would guess, behind those superstar drivers are the ladies who hold down the fort for their husbands and families in life off the track. With their husbands being who they are, these women are obviously deeply involved with the world of NASCAR, and many have become well-known names in their own right. 

Though, before you think these women are only part of NASCAR because of who they're dating or are married to, think again — many come from NASCAR families. Can you imagine the friendly family rivalries between these in-laws? That must make for some fun holiday dinners. 

We've scoured the NASCAR roster to put together a list of the top drivers, and more importantly, their wives and girlfriends, so you can familiarize yourself with these awesome ladies. 

Keep scrolling for the WAGS of NASCAR.