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These Are The Wives And Girlfriends Of The NFL

9. Kristin Cavallari
We all knew Kristin Cavallari from Laguna Beach and The Hills, and now we also know her as Jay Cutler's ex-wife. Despite a broken engagement, the two wed in June 2013 and had three children together. They seemed happily married until their publicized divorce in April 2020 when Kristin cited "marital misconduct" on the divorce documents and simply "growing apart" to the press.

On her reality show Very Cavallari, Cavallari had alluded to relationship problems in the past. In a 2019 episode she said, "Jay and I have problems." She continued, "I've always been very vocal about that. We have to work at our relationship, so hearing him say that we're perfect is kind of silly to me. We definitely have issues."