Helena Christensen Interviews Carla Bruni, Talks About That Naked Photo Scandal

Helena Christensen Interviews Carla Bruni, Talks About That Naked Photo Scandal
(Getty Images; Bauer Griffin) Helena Christensen, Carla Bruni

The latest issue of DuJour magazine features a talk between two legendary supermodels—Helena Christensen and Carla Bruni, the latter of whom later became the first lady of France. Christensen interviewed and photographed Bruni for the spread and we've got some of the best bits from their chat.

On her career as a musician while being the First Lady: "People say when my husband was president that it was very difficult for me to be a musician, but I didn’t find it difficult. I played music every day. Music is a shelter; it protects you. People from outside think it’s difficult. But it was a nice, productive, pleasant time for me as a musician. It was a contrast with the rest of my public situation; the intimate situation was even nicer."

On her naked photo scandal: "I was all over the British press when I was going there to meet the Queen. I was naked everywhere. I just got to England with my man, and every single paper had me naked on the cover. But at least I was 24, and I had a good body."

On stage fright: "Some people don’t have it at all, but I have it so much. When you have to sing, you really get emotional. Sometimes it comes into my leg, and there’s no way to hold it still. I would use it and say to crowds, 'My leg and I are so happy to see you tonight.' Now I stand."

Why She Prefers to Sing in English: "Yes, but English has rhythm. Italian has vocals. But French is not easy to sing. You have to use it in a very literal way, with plenty of adjectives. It’s very much like poetry."

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