Try The Envelope Method To Track Spending
The first step to managing your finances is knowing how much you're spending in each category and setting reasonable limits. Use the envelope method to distribute cash each month.

You can do this with physical envelopes or apps like Good Budget. Not only will you learn how much money you're actually spending (as opposed to how much you think you're spending), you'll also have the impetus to stop when the envelopes run out.

And, if you choose to go the virtual route, consider opting for the cash method for a month or two each year as a financial "cleanse." Because, really, there's nothing like an empty envelope to remind you it's time to cut back.

While tracking spending by category each month may sound tedious, it's a good habit to start and can also be powered by more advanced software (that may also comes in handy during tax season). But, if this whole concept is new to you, start simple with the envelopes and then consider getting more technical after it's become part of your routine.