How Much Would You Pay to Set Sail on The Titanic II?

How Much Would You Pay to Set Sail on The Titanic II?Oh, the cursed Titanic—we've all seen the movie—biggest unsinkable ship in the world making its maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean (spoiler alert) gets gutted by a glacier and sinks, forever ripping apart star-crossed lovers Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, the former going on to star as a bloodthirsty plantation owner in this year's much-acclaimed Quentin Tarantino movie Django.

But how much would you pay to set sail aboard a real-life version of the Titanic—recreated in the image of the original, right down to guest services and user experience?

Say hello to Australian billionaire Clive Palmer who this week announced that his company will build Titanic II—a ship constructed to the exact specifications (except three inches longer and with an adequate supply of lifeboats) as its doomed namesake.

2,600 lucky (?) guests and 900 crew members will set sail aboard the Titanic II from Southampton to New York sometime in 2016 in a journey meant to replicate the original experience—hopefully without the sinking, etc. Guests will even be issued 1920s-inspired costumes to wear on board—and there will be strictly no fraternizing between first class passengers and those in lower-class cabins. Yes! Just like the movie!

"It will really help you pretend you are in the movie," Palmer said at a press conference held in New York yesterday.

How Much Would You Pay to Set Sail on The Titanic II?

According to a report in Mashable, Palmer has already received offers as high as $1 million for a ticket to ride. How much would you pay to sail aboard the Titanic II? And would you really be able to sleep easy at night?

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