Kristen Bell's Raising Money for a 'Veronica Mars' Movie - Here's How to Donate

Kristen Bell's Raising Money for a 'Veronica Mars' Movie - Here's How to Donate
(Courtesy photo) Veronica Mars back in the day

If you grew up watching Veronica Mars on the UPN (remember that network?) and would literally pay money to see a new installment of the hit teen drama, then here's a story just for you: Warner Bros. Digital Distribution has promised that if the Veronica Mars team—star Kristen Bell and show creator Rob Thomas—can raise $2 million on social enterprise site Kickstarter, the studio will produce a Veronica Mars movie and pick up the tab for promotion and distribution.

"The Kickstarter strategy represents the only way a Veronica Mars movie was ever going to get made," explains a report in this week's EW. "Thomas and Bell are confident that fans of the show will rally to the cause." And, so far, it's looking pretty good—the team have already raised $729,278 at time of publication thanks, in part perhaps, to the great list of donor prizes.

For a $10 donation, fans will get a PDF of the shooting script on the day of the movie's release; for $25, you'll get a limited-edition T-shirt; for $35 you get a digital version of the movie right after it premieres in theaters; and onwards and upwards.

To chip in and be part of the Veronica Mars feature film, check out the project's Kickstarter page right here!
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