Nail Varnish 2011

We've been closely watching celebrities on the red carpet to get a sense for emerging nail varnish trends.  Darker shades of nail varnish are surging in popularity.  We've spotted lots of blues, purples, and near-black shades of red.

Here are a few exampes of emerging nail varnish 2011 trends.  Click any photo for more details.

Tiffany Hines Dark Nail Polish
DJ Havana Brown Dark Nail Polish
Lea Michele Dark Nail Polish
Kim Kardashian Dark Nail Polish
Mena Suvari Dark Nail Polish
Alessandra Ambrosio Dark Nail Polish
Ashley Roberts Dark Nail Polish
Ashley Roberts' Nail Varnish 2011

New nail varnishes by companies like London Butter and ZOYA have recently been developed without the traditional chemicals present in most over the counter nail polishes.  The most common harmful chemicals include formaldehyde, toulene, and dibutyl-pthalate (DBP).  New moms are paying particular attention to nail varnish ingredients in 2011, since these harmful chemicals have been known to make their way into breastmilk.
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