Nail Trend To Try: Tinted Top Coats

Nail Trend To Try: Tinted Top Coats
(Source: OPI and Sally Hansen)You've heard it a million times: Don't forget the top coat! But what if top coat wasn't just a post-lacquering afterthought? What if it was a part of your manicure's overall look, too? Well, the nail world is doing just that—making top coat stylish. Tinted top coats are slowly sprouting up in the nail world. From barely there pastels to a full-on "smoky" look, it looks like colorful top coats are here to stay. 

OPI has the most offerings for the new trend. Their Sheer Tints Color-Tinted Top Coats ($9) come in four cool colors that go on super sheer when applied. (We tested them on white nail polish, and they created a springy pastel look.) You can even layer the colors to get varying intensities. 
Nail Trend To Try: Tinted Top Coats(Source: OPI)Dior is getting in on the trend too—sort of. Although Nail Glow ($25) isn't quite as obviously tinted as OPI's collection, it still delivers color to bare or nude nails, making bare nails ever so slightly pinker and glowing.
Nail Trend To Try: Tinted Top Coats(Source: Sephora)Finally, probably the quirkiest of the bunch is Sally Hansen's Big Smoky Top Coat ($5.99). We all love a sexy smoky eye, so why not try the look on your nails? Big Smoky is a semi-transparent black lacquer that gives digits dimension and well, sass.
Nail Trend To Try: Tinted Top Coats(Source: Sally Hansen)Would you try a tinted top coat?
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