Yes, You Can Do This Decked-Out Manicure at Home

Yes, You Can Do This Decked Out Manicure at Home(Source: Birchbox, Swarovski)Who needs jewelry when you've got a beyond-decadent manicure to add sparkle? We teamed up with Swarovski and NYC-based nail salon Vanity Projects to bring you a DIY manicure that's so luxe you can just skip the jewels altogether. Save this fancy look for your next big occasion, because these tips are sure to draw attention.

Dior Basecoat ($22)
Floss Gloss Dimepiece ($8)
Dior Topcoat ($22)
Orange Woodsticks ($5)
Nail Glue ($2)
Swarvoski Elements: Flat Back Pearl Cabochons ($3) 
Swarovski crystals ($5)

1. Apply a layer of basecoat over the nail to prep. 
2. Apply two layers of Floss Gloss Dimepiece for sparkle.

Yes, You Can Do This Decked Out Manicure at HomeApply two layers of Floss Gloss in Dimepiece to start (Source: Swarovski)3. Once the polish dries, apply a thin layer of nail glue over the entire nail.
4. Use an orange woodstick to apply Swarovski Elements flat back pearls around the nail. There is no particular pattern to place the pearls—just go with the flow! Fill any gaps with nail crystals.
5. Apply a layer of top coat, paying attention to the crystals and pearls, and add an extra layer. Your end result should look something like this:

Yes, You Can Do This Decked Out Manicure at HomeApply pearls and rhinestones randomly on nails with orange wood stick and nail glue (Source: Swarovski)When you're ready to remove your mani, take a small piece of cotton swab and saturate it with acetone. Place swab directly over the crystal covered nail. Cut a small square of aluminum foil and wrap around the nail—tucking the sides and back in. Leave for three to four minutes Unwrap the foil and gently remove the stones with the polish using the cotton inside the foil. The polish and stones should fall off easily. If they don't repeat the process for another two to three minutes.
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