A Ranking of OPI x Mariah Carey Holiday Nail Polishes by Glitteriness

A Ranking of OPI x Mariah Carey Holiday Nail Polishes by Glitteriness
(Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America, Ulta.com)When we first learned Mariah Carey and OPI were teaming up for a collection of holiday nail colors, let's just say we were beyond excited. Who better to have holiday-themed nails than the "All I Want for Christmas" queen herself? Amirite?

And when we got our hands on all 18 of the shades, we were not disappointed. It should come as no surprise that the nail lacquers are glitzy, glittery, and downright sparkly. The collection consists of 12 creme and glitter lacquers, as well as six shades of OPI's new Liquid Sand lacquers, which are cool matte finish polishes infused with reflective sparkles.

To put you in the holiday mood, we ranked the Mariah-inspired shades in order of glitteriness from most to least glitter. You're welcome.
A Ranking of OPI x Mariah Carey Holiday Nail Polishes by Glitteriness
(Photos: Ulta.com, art: Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro)1) All Sparkly and Gold—Um, just look at the name
2) Wonderous Star—A gold-flecked shimmer with specks of black glitter
3) I Snow You Love Me—A glitter polish that resembles a disco ball
4) My Favorite Ornament—A really elegant champagne glitter polish
5) It's Frosty Outside—A Liquid Sand shade that's pure silvery bliss
6) Baby Please Come Home—A sparkling lilac Liquid Sand that's a party in a bottle
7) Make Him Mine—A really flirty rose with flecks of glitter
8) Silent Stars Go By—A twinkling blush star shade
9) Kiss Me at Midnight—A blue that's frosted to perfection
10) Ski Slope Sweetie—The last of the really glittery colors, Ski Slope Sweetie is fit for any snow bunny
11) Underneath the Mistletoe—A punchy red that's both spicy and sweet with just a hint of glittery sparkle
12) In My Santa Suit—A highly pigmented red shimmer
13) Cute Little Vixen—Although more glistening than glittery, this deep violet is definitely vixen-worthy
14) Warm Me Up—A pearlized coffee-toned polish
15) Sleigh Ride for Two—A rich chocolate tone with flecks of purple shimmer
16) All I Want for Christmas (is OPI)—Not only do we love this name, but this lush maroon is red hot
17) Visions of Love—A velevety burgundy that still sparkles minus any glitter
18) Emotions—A matte coal worthy of both the naughty and nice list

So there you have it. Mariah Carey and OPI have truly created a glittery wonderland of nail lacquers.

Mariah Carey Holiday nail lacquers, $9 each, ulta.com.

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