Nail Trend To Try: Cuticle Tattoos

Nail Trend To Try: Cuticle Tattoos(Source: Ciaté)In the land of nails, nail art has ruled supreme for the past few years. And no matter what people say, we're firm believers that completely decked out digits are alive and well. (Long live nail art!) But it looks like a new trend is in town that might just give nail art a run for its money.

Cuticle tattoos are a new look making their way onto the tips of nail fiends everywhere. From British nail company Ciaté's bow, star, and diamond details ($12) to the slightly quirkier and abstract versions from Rad Nails ($6), these delicate temporary tattoos are aiming to dress up manicures this summer. Designed to sit atop the skin just below the nail, these designs are fun ways to change up your nail shape, give the illusion of a longer nail and just flat out look fun. 

Nail Trend To Try: Cuticle Tattoos(Source: Rad Nails/Instagram)Although we're game for just about anything when it comes to nails, we're a little hesitant to try a trend that might draw attention to our less-than-perfect cuticles. But then again, perhaps these are just the disguise our tips desire. Vote now to let us know if this is a trend you're willing to try:

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Ciaté Cuticle Tattoos, $12, at

Rad Nails Beyond Cuticle Tattoos, $6, at
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