Great Gift Alert: Nails Inc. Launches Custom Polishes

Great Gift Alert: Nails Inc. Launches Custom Polishes(Source: Nails Inc.)We all have one in our lives: a nail fiend who owns so many polishes she needs a dedicated Ikea dresser to store them all, and who insists there really is a distinct difference between those five shades of cobalt (sure, if you so say so…). When it comes to shopping for this lacquer lover, we're normally stumped—not just any bottle will do—but now we'll be ready when her birthday rolls around, thanks to Nails Inc.'s new Couture varnishes.

For just $20, the British brand allows you to fully customize a bottle on its recently launched US website in four easy steps. First, choose one of nine caps, embellished with faux pearls, pyramid studs and colored Swarovski crystals (there's also a sleek silver option for minimalists).

Great Gift Alert: Nails Inc. Launches Custom Polishes(Source: Nails Inc.)After selecting your preferred color from the array of 55 hues, ranging from glossy cream formulas and metallics to opaque glitters, you get to name your creation (you can also use the two lines and 24 characters on the bottom label to write a special message to the recipient). For the finishing touch, select two stickers—declaring everything from "BFF" to "Bridesmaid"—with which to adorn your bow-wrapped box.

Considering you get free shipping on orders $40 or more, you might as well make one for yourself while you're at it. Start personalizing polishes here.
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