Sephora's Launching a Line of 200 (!!!) New Nail Polishes

Sephora's Launching a Line of 200 (!!!) New Nail Polishes
(Photo by Lindsay Schallon/StyleBistro)

Are you a nail junkie? Are you sitting down? Think you can handle this gloriousness? Okay... Here it goes. Sephora is launching a new line of more than 200 (!!!) nail lacquers, making it the brand's largest nail offering yet! That's two hundred nail polishes, all in one place, people.

As a replacement to the brand's partnership with OPI—which recently wrapped up—and a tech-savvy update to its current Sephora X line—think: faster drying times, longer wear, and easier application—the Formula X collection features 93 colors, 50+ effects shades, treatments, top coats, and more.

Basically, there's a shade that meets every single one of your polish fancies: The Classics, your average run-of-the-mill shades but with super-opaque coverage; The Brilliants, intense sparkles that turn your nails into tiny little disco balls; The Translucents, for when you're feeling sheer; The Xplosives, graffiti-like splatter coats to channel your inner artist; The Electrics, to fulfill all your neon dreams; and that's not even the half of 'em.

As for us, we're pretty partial to "Desire," this classic deep purple that's sure to pair beautifully with all our open-toe booties this fall...

Sephora's Launching a Line of 200 (!!!) New Nail Polishes

Keep your eyes peeled and your soon-to-be-[insert your polish of choice here] hands at the ready when the shades ($10.50 to $12.50) launch in stores and online this September.