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24. 'The Kissing Booth'
It was a tough decision between this one and Ibiza, but I ultimately went with The Kissing Booth. Mostly because it's the. Actual. Worst.

As in, the worst film I've seen in a long time; the worst portrayal of high school and teen romance; and just all-around the worst script, storyline, et. al.

First of all, why is Elle (played by Megan du Plessis) in constant and various states of undress throughout the movie? Why is a half-clothed sashay through the boys' locker room deemed necessary, or at all cool? As if this would ever fly in high school — and it should not fly in a YA film. Not to mention it's truly inappropriate and sexist, and I actually cringed multiple times while watching, asking aloud, "Why, Netflix, why?"

Do yourself a favor and do not watch this film. In the spirit of full disclosure, I actually want to petition Netflix to remove it from its streaming queue entirely.