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These Are The New Movies And TV Shows We Can't Wait To Watch In 2019

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Goodbye 2018, and hello 2019 — we're ready for you. While we're all for a little end of the year reflection, we love looking forward to the new year even more. One of the things we're most excited about in 2019 are all the new movies and TV shows that will be released, because trust us, there are a lot of amazing ones coming our way. 

This will be a huge year for Disney, who is releasing three live-action classic remakes, and the fourth installment of the Toy Story series. As usual, Marvel will be another main player, as they have two films coming out next year, and one of them has a female superhero lead. In addition to that we have comedies, thrillers, and Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers (NBD) — just to name a few.

If you're still coming up with your new year's resolutions, be sure to add watching these movies and TV shows to the list. Here are all the ones we can't wait to watch in 2019.