Nigel Barker Teaches Us How to Snap the Perfect Selfie (You'll NEVER Guess His Advice!)

Nigel Barker Teaches Us How to Snap the Perfect Selfie (You'll NEVER Guess His Advice!)
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You know that voice (that accent!) from anywhere. So when we heard Nigel Barker's heart-warming laugh booming over the noise backstage at Rebecca Taylor, we stopped mid hair tutorial Insta vid and bolted over to the noted fashion photographer to talk about his upcoming beauty collection and (what else?) how to snap the perfect selfie.

Read on for his game-changing advice!
Nigel Barker Teaches Us How to Snap the Perfect Selfie (You'll NEVER Guess His Advice!)Here's a sneak peek at a makeup kit from one of Barker's soon-to-launch beauty lines (WWD)

StyleBistro: We're so excited for your makeup lines! How are they coming along? Are they almost ready to launch?

Barker: The line is created, it's done! It's taken two years in the making, no quick project. There are over 200 SKUs, so a lot of different pieces went into it. Really, it's the brainchild of my wife [Cristen, a makeup artist] with my inspiration from photo shoots.

The idea is to bring what we see happening on the red carpet or at the Oscars or at Fashion Shows or on magazine covers—like ones I'm shooting and she's doing the makeup on—and tell the consumer, you don't have to wait six months for it to trickle down. We're going to bring it to you right now. There's a whole generation of people who grew up with us, and understand who we are and what we're about, and it's really exciting!

SB: Do you know when and where the products are going to be sold yet?

Barker: We're about to launch. We're just in the process of deciding which stores to launch in. There are about six different contenders, so we'll see in time.

SB: Are there any products you're really excited about?

Barker: It's a whole range of products, and honestly, the big thing for us is going to be the kits and focusing on how to get seasonal trends now. People can get that trend and learn how to do it. You'll have to wait and see what we've done. We created a very special format that's never been done before—for people to go and update their look and to buy into the whole concept. I can't reveal too much, because when we do it's going to be a big splash.

SB: Ah, you're killing us with anticipation! In the meantime, though, we know you've probably got some great advice on how to snap a perfect selfie.

Barker: It's all about the selfie these days. People are obsessed! I have people come up to me all the time and whip out their camera and be like, "Can we do the selfie together?" I'm like, "Let me do it, my arm's longer."

But to be honest, it's about having a confidence from within and having makeup that you feel great in that will give you the extra confidence. Having a natural look takes work, and it takes time. You know? It's not something you can just walk out without makeup. That's what the natural look is, ladies. There is a lot of work that goes into it.

SB: No kidding, you're telling us...

Barker: So, obviously having a wonderful cosmetics and skincare and canvas to start with really goes a long way to helping build up your confidence up. But be sure to really look at the camera and say something with your eyes. One of the things I always say to do is think of something delicious that you love to eat, and that tasty chocolate melting in your mouth makes your eyes kind of say mmmm. That always works on camera.

You guys, is that not the most hilarious but amazing advice ever? We don't know about you, but we're totally thinking of cookies, no brownies, no cheese, definitely cheese, the next time we selfie. Cheeeese!