5 Simple Steps to Get Your Best Nails EVER

5 Simple Steps to Get Your Best Nails EVER
(ImaxTree)With winter knocking on our doors, it's time to start prepping for those holiday parties and festive manis that are sure to come. But don't struggle with getting strong, healthy nails! Follow these five steps from nail gurus Danielle Candido and Deborah Lippmann to finally get the best nails ever.

1) Stay hydrated
Not only is physically staying hydrated important for maintaining a healthy manicure, but applying a nourishing cuticle oil can make a world of difference, according to Candido.

"Using a cuticle oil every single day, twice a day, will make such a magnificent difference in the quality of nails," Candido told us backstage at Jen Kao during NYFW. "I love Harmony NOURISH cuticle oil because it has essential carrier oils, which means it has all the good stuff that's emolliate-based to really get deep into the cellular level of the tissue." She says it's important to brush the oil all the way around the entire cuticle—including the underside of the nail—and rub it in with your finger.

2) Take those vitamins
Another way to achieve gorgeous nails is to add protein-based viatamins to your daily routine. "People think that calcium is the most important supplement for nails, but it's not actually as important as things like Biotin and maintaining a protein-rich diet," Candido said.

5 Simple Steps to Get Your Best Nails EVER
(ImaxTree)3) Keep 'em smooth
Backstage at Edun, Deborah Lippmann explained a weekly manicure is essential for stong nails. She noted it doesn't matter whether it's a professional or at-home manicure just to make sure the edges of your nails are always smooth. She suggest carrying a nail file or Deborah Lippmann's Smooth Operator nail buffer with you everywhere, so the second you feel your nail snag or get a rough edge, you can nip the problem in the bud—and avoid the temptation of taking your teeth to the nail!  

4) Get tough
As well as keeping your digits reguarly manicured, you need to use a nail strengthener every two to three days, according to Lippmann. She suggests a base and top coat combo, like her own Hard Rock to stimulate nail growth. "You just layer it on every couple of days and start over in a week," she said.

5) Be protective
Finally, it's incredibly important to wear gloves in the kitchen. It may sound silly, but anytime you expose your nails to water—like when your washing the dishes—they begin to soften and become fragile. "It is so imperative to wear gloves in the kitchen!" she said. "You need to wear them anytime you're in water with dishwashing soap, using a brillo pad, or any kind of scrubbing thing. Anything like that is going to damage your nail." She also said it's imperative to resist the temptation to scrape off food with your bare finger nails!

5 Simple Steps to Get Your Best Nails EVER
(ImaxTree)Follow those five steps this holiday season and your best manicure doesn't have to stay a wishful dream!
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