Freedom Naturals
Freedom Naturals's aim is to bring you skincare that's free from animal cruelty, parabens, added fragrance, sulfates, cortisone, and steroids, leaving you instead with natural products that do their job without the help of toxins.

Not only that, but the brand gives back. Twenty percent of proceeds from the Calming Cleanser for Redness and Calming Moisturizer for Redness go to the "Move to End Domestic Violence" organization, which helps to  connect shelters and businesses to get women back on their feet.

You can expect products like Confidence Shampoo (which is infused with natural botanicals and soothing oats,) and Psoriasis Power Ointment (which has ingredients like aloe vera and oats,) from the brand.

Confidence Shampoo, $30, Freedom Naturals