BASE Jumping Monte Brento

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If the only thing preventing you from jumping off a sheer cliff is indecision about what to wear, you’re in luck.  Turn to Roberto Cavalli. But be warned, he’ll likely suggest stilettos and a sequined cocktail dress, or at least a very well-tailored and colorful suit.  BASE-jumper-turned-fashion-model Roberta Mancino partnered with photographer Noah Bahnson to film Cavalli’s  GoPro viral video titled ‘High Fashion.’  Mancino, along with fellow thrill-seekers Giovanni Silvestri, Andrey Karr...Read Full Story

Bridget Moynahan, Bonnie Wright, and Other Trendsetters Commit To Living On $1.50 a Day

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(Source: Steve Sands/Bauer Griffin/ help raise funds and awareness for the 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty, Bridget Moynahan, Bonnie Wright, and many more stylish celebs have signed up to participate in The Global Poverty Project's annual Live Below the Line campaign––following in the footsteps of alumni such as Malin Akerman, Sophia Bush, and Minka Kelly, to name but a few. Between April 28 and May 2, these celebrities will live on a food-and-drink budget...Read Full Story

What Hurts More: Childbirth or Getting Kicked in the Nuts? The Definitive Video Answer, Inside.

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(FameFlynet) Sometimes Kim Kardashian's overexposure during her pregnancy hurts our eyeballsOn the occasion of it being Friday and of so many celebrities—Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian, to name two—being on-the-cusp of giving birth, we thought we'd take a moment to explore the age-old question (not really, we'd never even heard this question posed til now): What hurts more: giving birth or getting kicked in the balls?Here's the scientific answer, in video form, below.Read Full Story

Remember Judith, the Pregnant Doll With The Removable Stomach and Spring-Loaded Baby Inside?

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(Via Attaboy) Judith is pregnant. Don't worry, you can get the baby out by removing the top of her stomach.Here's a Wednesday morning flashback that's both entertaining and yet, makes us mildly uncomfortable. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, do you remember this bizarre toy—"Judith," the pregnant Barbie-like doll? Yes, she actually has a little baby inside that tummy. Guess how you get it out? By removing the top of her belly. Oh, PS, the baby is SPRING-LOADED, so it pops out. Pops. Out...Read Full Story

The Unibrow Discrimination Project [VIDEO]

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Mark Rober with a fake unibrow. NASA engineer—yes, he works with spaceships!—Mark Rober has a hairy secret. He's "always been blessed with an abundance of hair follicles in the brow region," as he put it—in other words, the now-totally-cute Rober grew up sporting a dreaded unibrow.In his teens, he discovered tweezers—and this is what he looks like now, right, with two separate and distinct eyebrows. But Rober had a hypothesis that unibrows were more than just a matter of having too much...Read Full Story

Don't Listen to the Internet - Don't Put Your Waxed Jeans in the Freezer

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(Thinkstock, photo illustration) Don't put your jeans in the freezerIn this world—or, at least, in the fashion industry—editors seem to be divided into two denim camps: people who wash their jeans and people who don't wash their jeans. The latter group usually consists of mostly guys—some of whom are so obsessed with breaking in their fancy denim, they won't wash their pants for, like, six whole months. Seriously, six months.Me, I like to wash everything I wear after I wear it once—maaaaaybe...Read Full Story

Romance Pants: Pants That Dim the Lights, Light Candles, and Play Music When Unzipped [VIDEO]

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(Thinkstock) Romance pants make this whole set-up a one-step processMulti-tasking is hard, you guys—especially when you're in a hurry to set the mood for, you know, sexytime. For anyone who appreciates artful automation—and ease of use—say hello to Romance Pants, jeans rigged to dim the lights, turn up the stereo, and light candles (!!) as soon as they're unzipped. Behold, Romance Pants in action:Nope, not weird and creepy at all.Read Full Story

Man With No Teeth Can Make His Mustache Dance [VIDEO]

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This is Clydesdale, he has no teeth, but can make his mustache dance. Check it out:The guys from out filming a video when they met Clydesdale, a homeless man who has a unique talent—mustache dancing! They write: So we were out filming a video for our prank channel on youtube ( and ran into this homeless man. I was impressed by his beard and said something like, "awesome beard!" (I lack beard growing capabilities) he said, "oh yeah? check this out...Read Full Story

How to Tell if Your Louis Vuitton is Authentic [VIDEO]

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Ever wonder exactly how you can tell if a Louis Vuitton bag is real—as in authentic, manufactured by Vuitton and not faked in a random unsavory sweatshop somewhere? Online consignment site The Real Real created this video to help their customers understand their authentication process—which primarily involves four signifiers: materials, hardware, construction, and looking for a particular date code. Of course, there are other, unspoken ways of knowing that both Vuitton and pro inspectors won...Read Full Story

Things Not to Try at a Mall - Escalator Helicoptors

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(Photo illustration using Thinkstock) Escalator Helicoptors, the new thingNext time you're at your local mall picking up some underpants or a smoothie, make sure to keep an eye on the escalators—you might just catch a bozo or two trying to pull off the latest YouTube trend, Escalator Helicoptoring. What are Escalator Helicoptors? It's when someone decides to lie prone on their back on both an up and down escalator handrail, and let the up-and-down motions twirl them around. Like a helicoptor...Read Full Story