Kimia Madani's Mother, Mandana
"My mom is at once strong and sensitive. A beautiful force to be reckoned with, and a crafty, artistic goddess. She can MacGyver just about anything, and is the most resourceful person I know. But most importantly, my mom taught me the value of hard work in a way that suggested it was nonnegotiable. That women are smart and capable and could have their own businesses, no questions asked, like she did at a time long before female-led companies were sprouting up everywhere, founded by the girl bosses of today. That girls can be both intelligent and beautiful, not to mention dress as fabulously as they want and be listened to. Again, no questions asked. She taught me to call myself a feminist at 12 years old and you better believe I’ve filed that away to pass down to my own future children. Oh, and make no mistake, my mom is the most impeccably dressed person I know to this day, at all times. The smart, capable feminist part goes without saying."