Emma Courtright's Mother, Pam
"Here’s to my mama who camps, who coupons, who reads enough to put some monks to shame. She is the best support system I could’ve asked for and the backbone of our little family. She always stressed to “get a good education,” and made sure I had every opportunity to do just that. She worked as a social worker for over 25 years and when she finally retired last October, she started volunteering in her free time. Also, the woman is down to road trip basically anywhere, and always lets me have the radio (bless her soul). We once drove from Savannah to Philadelphia listening solely to the Jonas Brothers – if that’s not sacrifice, I don’t know what is. Oh yeah, she’s also a badass runner who’s done 12 half-marathons! She’s one heck of a lady, and I’ll forever be thankful that I got to be her shot at motherhood."