Courtesy of Lauren Fair Photography
Unity Ceremonies
While wedding ceremonies are nothing new, the personalizations couples are incorporating definitely are. Rather than just a traditional ceremony where the bride and groom stand in front of an officiant, couples are opting for additional "unity ceremonies" that signify their commitment to one another, as well as the joining of their families. "In addition to using sand or candles, we're seeing couples embrace their personal history and cultural heritage in new ways — through unity ceremonies that mix up guacamole recipes from their grandparents, blending whiskeys from locales close to their heart, or honoring a long-standing cultural unity tradition like Celtic Handfasting." 

As for the traditions they're ditching — only 33% of couples participate in a garter toss (down from 42% in 2016), and 45% in a bouquet toss (down from 54% in 2016). The study notes, "On trend with what's happening in today's weddings, 82.6% of Gen Zers shared they will incorporate tradition into their future weddings by twisting, merging or creating their own customs in celebration of their love." We're loving this new generation's spark of creativity.