Personal Style
A traditional white wedding dress is a beautiful choice for a bride, but only if it's what the bride actually wants. These days, couples are pushing conventions and wearing untraditional wedding attire. Whether they have an outfit change after the ceremony, or rock their alternative style from the start, couples are not afraid to strut the looks that feel best to them. 

According to the study, "11% of brides had more than one look on their wedding day, with second look styles ranging from wedding saris to jumpsuits. Grooms and brides who prefer to rock suits over gowns have taken to more pops of color and customized details in their celebratory attire, like lining their jackets with custom prints and hand-stitched notes." What's also interesting to note is that couples are willing to spend more money on their outfits, too. For example, brides spent on average $1,631 on their gowns in 2018, which is up 8% from 2017.