5 Fashion Staples for Brunching in Style

Brunch like you mean it: Consider this our guide to an effortless weekend look.

5 Fashion Staples to Brunching in Style

There's no need to be overly enthused about breakfast food to take part in the burgeoning brunch movement. Brunch fashion is all about those effortless staples you can throw on and easily integrate into the rest of your weekend activities. Whether you're a fast-paced fashionista or a low-key city maven, go ahead; thoroughly enjoy your Sunday morning afternoon. Or continue to wallow in the hangover from Saturday night's festivities (hey, no judgment here). Either way, you've earned it. With this stylish ensemble, trust us: You're going to look good while doing it. 

1. Oversize Sunnies

Disguise those dark under-eye circles with a favorite pair of oversize sunnies. We especially love the classic Wildfox "Bel Air" shades in their famously Barbie-esque shade of pink, but you can never go wrong with an essential pair of big sunglasses.  

2. Casual Wide-Brimmed Hat 

5 Fashion Staples to Brunching in Style

Dirty hair? No problem. Throw on one of these easy summer hats to cover up the struggle that is greasy roots, and add a chic twist to any outfit in the process.  

3. Cute Clutch 

Why weigh yourself down with a purse when you can take your pick from one of these cute clutches? The bigger, the better — we're fans of the "Brunch Money Pouch" from Gypsy Warrior. And hey, if you're already shopping, be sure to add their "Brunch Muscle Tank" to your clothing arsenal. Because you can't brunch with us. 

4. Flowing Maxi Dress


Channel your inner bohemian goddess (whether you're feeling like a million bucks on this fine Sunday morning... or not) with a flowing maxi dress. Throw on a denim jacket to go for a more casual look, or a totally on-trend lace kimono instead to dress it up. Don't forget your espadrilles! 

5. Mimosas, Stat  

What do you mean, mimosas don't count as an accessory? After all, they're pretty much essential to the veteran city-bound brunchee — I mean, just try suffering through countless hour-long waitlists and jam-packed restaurants. It'll be worth the wait when you look fab while enjoying this refreshing brunch staple.