5 New Takes On the White Shirt

5 New Takes On the White Shirt(Source: InStyle, ImaxTree)The white shirt is as versatile as your favorite black pump, or best fitting skinny jean. This season is all about layering, creative styling, and unexpected pairings for your perfect white shirt ensemble. We looked to the runway, the red carpet, and the streets to source our inspiration, and whether you want to achieve a trend-driven mash up or a sleek minimalist approach, we’re got you covered! We shopped out each of our favorite looks piece-by-piece—accessories and beauty products included—so you can recreate each look yourself.

Shop the gallery and get ready to be wowed by the possibilities of a simple white shirt.

Added bonus: Find your perfect fit with InStyle Essentials’ patented technology (shown above, left), which lets you shop styles by bra size instead of dress size so there’s no pulling or tugging at the bust line!

Dana Avidan-Cohn

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