4 Steps to Throwing an Award-Winning Oscar Party

You're up for 'Best Hostess of an Oscar Party' - with these 4 steps, you're going home with the gold!

Oscar Sunday is my most favorite day of the year. I love the glamour, the talent, the boring acceptance speeches being drowned out by elevator music - all of it! I always throw an Oscar party, it's sort of like my version of throwing myself a very celebrity-centered birthday party. I have thrown so many that I have it down to 4 easy steps that will for sure lead to an award-winning Oscar party.

4 Steps to Throwing an Award-Winning Oscar Party

Step 1. Planning the menu

Let's start with the most important part of any Oscar party: the food and drinks. You will be able to enjoy the party most if you preplan the menu and prepare in advance. Choosing food items that you can prepare ahead of time is essential to your happiness on Oscar Sunday. Similarly, creating a large batch cocktail (think sangria or margaritas) along with some bottles of champagne doesn't require you to spend the whole time creating signature cocktails.

Here are a couple of my favorite easily prepared, Oscar-worthy treats:

1. Chicken and waffle sliders can be pre-assembled and heated up right before your guests arrive and they're always a crowd-pleaser.

2. Fancy popcorn is another easily pre-made snack that can be created using your favorite toppings and presented in these adorable tuxedo popcorn boxes. I always drizzle white chocolate and gold sprinkles on mine, it's festive and addicting.

3. A bellini bar is a really fun way to let your guests serve themselves. The champagne should already be flowing - I mean, this is an Oscar party - and this way everyone can create their own signature bellinis and you can enjoy more of the show, it's a win/win! 

4. Vodka-soaked gummy bears require no assembly and people go nuts for them. Use them as a garnish for your bellini bar or signature cocktails, or you can be really adventurous and place them in champagne glasses around your party and let people eat them at their own risk.

Step 2. Ballots + bets

4 Steps to Throwing an Award-Winning Oscar Party

Download and print Livingly's official 2016 Oscar ballot here.

Make sure all of your guests fill out their ballots prior to the show. If you're sending out invites, include the ballot in the envelope or hand them out when each guest arrives - and if you're feeling really fancy, you can make some copycat gold, Oscar-winner envelopes.

It's always fun to make a friendly bet for the winning and losing ballots. Be creative, the crazier the better - this is Hollywood we're talking about. I love to make the winner (or whoever has the most correct) give an acceptance speech and you can even order a chocolate Oscar statue to send them home with. 

Step 3. Dress code + decor

If you haven't already, THIS is the time to start searching Etsy - the place is an endless treasure chest of DIY party inspiration. Depending on your style and budget, the dress code should be reasonable given the party decor. The same way you wouldn't ask people to wear ball-gowns to a party at a bar, you can't set a cocktail party dress code and fail to dress up the party accordingly. Stick with gold because it really is the theme of the whole night. Sprinkle gold confetti on the table where the food and drinks will be set up and have some gold star balloons placed around the table. Party City has Hollywood themed, Oscar-related decorations which are adorable and affordable. 

Step 4. Party favors

The best way to throw a memorable Oscar party is to send people home with something to remind them how awesome your party was! You can take the easy route and order customized cupcakes or cookies and pack them individually to-go or you can be a little more creative and DIY. Etsy or Pinterest are great places to start for inspiration. 

If you're working with a little more money (because you save all year for Oscar Sunday!) you should most definitely create swag bags - and crazy Hollywood swag bags, filled with the most random itemsThis year's real swag bags include a mix of items from a single tube of Chapstick to Hydroxy Cut Gummies and a Vampire Breast Lift - I simply can't make this stuff up.

I also love the idea of creating or buying Oscar-related props and a simple backdrop for photo booth-styled pictures. 

These 4 steps will lead you to win 'Best Host(ess)' on Oscar Sunday! 

4 Steps to Throwing an Award-Winning Oscar Party

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