Your Ultimate Guide to Super Bowl Snacking

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us! And one of the best parts about the Super Bowl is all the parties and the delicious food and drinks that go along with it. Are you still struggling with your Super Bowl party menu? Lucky for you, we have partnered with Drizly to bring you the ultimate guide to Super Bowl snacking.

Drizly is an online liquor store that provides specialty cocktail recipes and boasts alcohol delivery (currently in 15+ major markets) within an hour! Trisha Antonsen, the Chief Cocktail Officer at Drizly (and yes, that is her official job title!) shares with us her game day beer and snack pairings and a punch bowl-inspired cocktail for all your Super Bowl Sunday Funday festivities!

Trisha's Personal Favorite Pairings:

1. Smartfood with VICTORY PRIMA PILS

"This light, bright beer is brewed in the German pilsner style and is full of flavor with a dry finish; a good balance for rich, salty foods (or handfuls of cheese popcorn...)"

2. Snyder's Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces with BALLAST POINT SCULPIN

"A hoppy, bitter beer is the perfect partner to anything spicy and buffalo in my book." 

3. French Onion Sun Chips with HOEGAARDEN

"I lived in Belgium for a year in high school, so Belgian beer has some especially nostalgic flavors for me (legal drinking age for beer and wine is 16)! Pro tip: Drop a thin wheel of lemon in this beer to kick it up a notch." 

Looking for non-beer alternatives to serve at your Super Bowl party? Definitely check out Trisha's Can't Feel My Face Gin Bucket. "As the popular song by The Weeknd would suggest, this drink will get the party started. Proceed with caution, the easy-drinking nature of this drink can have you sipping them down quickly without remembering how strong they are. Enjoy responsibly, friends."

Spice up the above paired snacks with these fun recipes:

Lay's Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips

Sweet and salty and perfect with wheat beers, light lagers and hard cider.

Cool Ranch Doritos-Crusted Chicken Fingers

Dip in a side of ranch for an extra ranch-y tang and pair with an IPA or a porter.

Oreo Krispie Treats

Cookies and cream krispie treats are a perfect combination with creamy stouts and dark porters.

Super Bowl Hostess Cupcake Toppers

Print 'em and attach to a toothpick to easily decorate store-bought cupcakes for Game Day, just pair them with an IPA, porter or stout and you're set!

Smartfood Sweet & Salty Trail Mix Bags

Easily transform brown lunch bags into Game Day-inspired baggies with white paint and serve trail mix with an amber or red ale, a pilsner or light lager.

Homemade Pizza Combos

Forget the store bought snacks and make your own Game Day Combos and serve them with a light lager, hard cider or an amber or red ale.

We asked Trisha who she was rooting for in Super Bowl 50: "Superbowl??? Isn't it a leap year? I'm a Patriots fan, I heard it wasn't happening this year."

Happy Super Bowl Sunday y'all!

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