20 Cute Ideas For The Ultimate Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower is the ultimate excuse to come up with some of the cutest creative ideas.

1. The guest book

Instead of a standard guest book, welcome family and friends to the baby shower with something a little different. Have them sign a piece of artwork, like this cute owl print from Etsy, or a guest board, with cutouts for each guest to leave their own special note for mom and baby!

 2. Burp cloth bouquet


Are you heading to a baby shower and have no idea how to make your present cute and unique? Try getting the new mom something useful, like bibs, towels or burp cloths, and wrapping them up like a bouquet. Roll up the cloths, and using a piece of decorated card stock paper as the bouquet base, place the cloths in the top like flower blooms. Your friend will love your gift, both for being adorable and actually useful!

3. Bring a book instead of a card

Make a special note on the back of the invitation, asking for books in lieu of cards. Instead of guests bringing cards or fumbling around for the perfect gift, let them help you get baby’s library started early! Whether it’s Dr. Seuss or Good Night Moon, books always make the perfect gift!

4. Watermelon baby basket

Want something edible AND beautiful? Try your hand at carving a watermelon baby basket! Take a watermelon and cut out the top to make a basket. Dig out all the insides and fill the empty space with your favorite fruits. If you want to jazz up your basket, try decorating the outside with different fruits, like round orange slices for wheels and part of the cut-off watermelon for a handle.

5. Ready to pop!

Not sure what food to serve? Try a “Ready to Pop!” bar. Gather every food that consists of the word “pop,” like buttered popcorn, popcorn chicken, cake pops, or even Pop Rocks! The theme is fun and cheeky and consists of some great snacks for your guests.

6. Cutie Cookies

Instead of generic, round cookies, try cutting the cookies for your shower into fun shapes! One really cute idea is to shape your cookies like sweet little baby feet. After you’ve baked them, ice the cookies where the sole of the foot and pads of where the little toes would go. Or, to mix things up a bit, cut out your cookies in other shapes, like bottles, duckies, or onesies. Too cute!

7. Preggatinis and Mamaritas

Speaking of refreshments, just because the party is for a new momma doesn’t mean everyone can’t enjoy some homemade non-alcoholic cocktails. Blogs everywhere have gone wild for new “preggatini” and “mamarita” recipes. These mommy-safe cocktails are simple to make and taste so good, you won’t even miss the alcohol! (These mocktails don't have to be complicated. For a "mamarita", try sparkling flavored water with little lime wedges.)

8. Bottle beverages


Forget boring old cups. Serve your beverages out of baby bottles! Provide cute striped straws on the side in case your guests don't actually want to drink out of the bottle top.

9. Baby-face cupcakes

Want to make those plain iced cupcakes a bit cuter? Try decorating the tops to look like a baby-face! If you know the gender of your baby, or have a specific color scheme going on, match up your icing colors. It will make your decor look that much more chic!

10. Decorate a onesie

Create a craft table with plain white onesies and baby-safe materials to decorate (check the labels). Then, throughout the party, your guests can visit the table to create a unique onesie for your little one on the way! Is your party outside? Try setting up a drying line between two poles or trees, and have guests clothespin their onesies to the line to dry. All your guests can then see all the cute creations!

11. Rubber duckies


What's cuter and sweeter than a rubber duckie? Make sure you buy ducks that will float, and try placing them on top of your punch bowl to add a pop of color and humor. For chic but fun centerpieces, fill glass bowls with water or clear marbles and place a rubber duck on top. Voila!

12. Mommy-to-be centerpieces

Not sure what should go in the center of your tables? Try mommy-to-be centerpieces. Just stick a standard foam sphere onto a rod and add that on top of a decorated pot. Put a cute dress on top of the sphere, tie a bow to keep it in place, and you've got the perfect mini baby bump!

13. Wear your guess

Are you revealing the child’s gender at your baby shower? Make a fun game out of it. When friends arrive at the party, have them guess what gender they think the child will be. A fun way to do this is to have them wear their guess. Attach lips and moustaches to craft sticks, and let your guests walk around with their guess held up to their faces. When the time comes for the big reveal, those who guessed right get an extra party favor.

14. Don't say "Baby"!

This cute game lasts all through the baby shower. When your guests arrive, give them each a few diaper pins and warn them: Don't say the word "baby." When someone hears another person say the word "baby," they steal one of their diaper pins. The person at the end of the shower with the most pins wins!

15. Cake pops

Cake pops are certainly the new trend for easy, snackable sweets. To make your pops even cuter, decorate them like little babies and shape any wrapping you have to look like a bib or bonnet. They'll look almost too cute to eat!

16. Baby bootie dishes


What's better than having little candy dishes on the tables at your baby shower? Having candy dishes that look this adorable. Place some of your favorite candies in these little baby booties and put them on each table for your guests to snack on. They'll love the sweet touch!

17. Guess the baby's weight

Before the shower, have the mommy-to-be write down what she guesses the baby's weight will be when born. Then, at the shower, have all the guests do the same. Reveal that mother's guess, and whichever guest comes closest wins!

18. Fabulous favors


For all the fabulous gifts you know friends will bring to the baby shower, you have to have some equally fab favors for them to take home. If you know the gender of your baby, buy a cute shade of nail polish accordingly. Rather keep it gender neutral? Try any of your favorite colors and attach a cute tag to each.

19. Notes for baby

Make the new baby’s first year that more special by having your guests write down their notes and best wishes for mom and baby! Either have a special station at the party for friends to write their messages, or leave cards and pens on each table. A great way to cutely store the notes is to place them in a mason jar labeled “Notes for Baby.” Then, either on your child’s first birthday or whenever you feel like it, open the jar and read all the love inside.

20. The big reveal

There are dozens of ways to reveal the gender of a baby at your baby shower, but one of the cutest we’ve seen so far is to have a reveal box full of balloons! Pick out your balloons and fill them with helium. Then, seal up the box and decorate the outside. Then, when the time comes at the party, gather all your guests and open the box. Make sure someone has a camera to snap photos of the balloons flying up, up, and away. So fun!

Originally published by Stephanie Ashley

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