9 Festive Holiday Activities to Fend Off Your Inner Grinch

Get a little festive this holiday season, even if you're admittedly kind of a Grinch.

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Even if you're the most hipster of Grinches (we get it, you weren't into Christmas before not being into Christmas was cool), you have to admit that taking part in loads of over-the-top festivities is half the fun of the holidays. So get into the holiday spirit this year, even if it's not a lot, just a little bit. You know you want to...

1. Suck it up and go ice skating.

9 Festive Holiday Activities to Fend Off Your Inner Grinch
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A quintessential cold weather activity whether you're into celebrating Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and/or whatever holiday doesn't offend you – or not. But tell me, what's not to love about cupping your hands around a pleasantly-warm-but-rapidly-cooling cup of hot cocoa and skating around a glittering outdoor ice rink?

Extra marshmallows in the hot cocoa, please.

Face it: Even the Grinchiest of Grinches can't be mad at that.

2. See a holiday tree lighting.

We know, you're usually so good about not letting all that cheesy, forced holiday cheer get to you. How about not fighting it this time around, though? Let the magic of the holiday tree lighting experience sink in.

3. Go on a sleigh ride. Jingle jingle.

This is a fun one, especially if you're out with your friends or S.O. and in the mood for a twinkling sleigh ride. Because who isn't up for some dashing through the snow action?


4. Make your own (spiked) eggnog.

9 Festive Holiday Activities to Fend Off Your Inner Grinch

If you're lazy, spike the store-bought kind and get ready to have the ultimate holiday movie binge-watching sesh with your friends. 

Not into the whole cheesy holiday movie tradition? Easy – make your own holiday cocktails and play drinking games with friends instead! We're huge fans of apple cider and Cards Against Humanity, if we're being totally and inappropriately honest here. (But really, who isn't a fan of Cards Against Humanity? Or apple cider, for that matter?)

Don't want to stay in just because it's cold out? Dust off your best festive attire and check out urban pub crawls like Santa Con.

5. Take part in Santa Con.

9 Festive Holiday Activities to Fend Off Your Inner Grinch

Speaking of Santa Con – what's not to love about going on a drunken pub crawl with hundreds of other people dressed up in Santa costumes?

FYI, other costumed attire is allowed as well, just in case you're so inclined to dress up like an elf or reindeer. This is important, because we don't discriminate against our tiny or furry friends. Plus, who doesn't love those silly jingling reindeer headbands?

All holiday-related attire (and copious amounts of public inebriation all in the name of the holiday spirit), are fair game, my festive friends.

6. Love DIY? Make your own holiday decorations.

9 Festive Holiday Activities to Fend Off Your Inner Grinch

'Tis the season to scour Pinterest for cute and festive DIY holiday decor ideas.

Get a little crafty this year by creating your own garlands, Christmas tree ornaments and decorations, wreaths, candle jars, luminaria, and more.

If you're looking to donate a little more of your time, efforts and energy this season – and give to a good cause in the process – consider joining in on a nearby toy and donation drive.

7. Indulge that artsy side and check out a seasonal museum exhibit.

Most museums have discounted and even free admission days during the holiday season. It's definitely worth looking into before making the trip!

Alternately, see a play or musical; even go to an on-ice show or performance. Hey, ain't no shame in that game, honey, and it's a great way to get some quality time in with younger family members.

I mean, who says that winter festivities have to be oriented only toward a specific holiday anyway? In all honesty, it's sentiments like those that make the hearts of us PC-but-still-festive folk quiver. Either way, there's no time like the present to celebrate – whatever (and however) you might be celebrating this year.

8. Throw a holiday-themed party.

9 Festive Holiday Activities to Fend Off Your Inner Grinch
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Bonus points if the dress code requires ugly Christmas sweaters.

On the other hand, if Christmas-related traditions and parties just aren't your cup of tea spiked apple cider, there are plenty of other options. Go for a holiday potluck or have a hot cocktail, beer or wine tasting party instead. Hot toddies, anyone? (Seriously, they're delicious.)

9. Sail off into the horizon on a NYE champagne cruise.

The ultimate in New Year's plans: Want to do something fun, unique and totally lavish this NYE? Thought so.

Consider going on a champagne cruise, complete with fireworks and an all-you-can-eat buffet. Drinks included. Seriously, you can't go wrong, and even Grinches can have a good time on New Year's.