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The Best Pictures Of The Royal Family With Hollywood Celebrities

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For the most part, the royal family sticks to themselves. Though high members of society, you seldom see them mixing and mingling with others outside their royal circle, typically keeping their interactions limited to country officials or members of the public when they do walkabouts on the street. Yet, there's no denying the royal family has become celebrities in their own right, especially these days with the younger royal generation constantly in the spotlight.

That's why we love when they cross paths with other celebrities, because it's just too much superstardom to handle! While these interactions are relatively rare, they most certainly exist, and the pictures of them are too good to pass up. Whether it's the Queen meeting Marilyn Monroe, or Prince William and Prince Harry hanging out with Kanye West — we just can't get enough. Sometimes the worlds of royals and celebrities collide, and they make for some pretty epic memories and pics. 

If you want to see Kate Middleton and Beyoncé chatting, or a young Prince Harry and the ladies of the Spice Girls, keep reading for these awesome pictures of the royal family with celebrities.