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I took my engagement pictures on the only rainy day in San Diego in two years. Of course. The rest of that weekend was gorgeous and sunny, but 15 minutes after our photo session started, it poured — hard. But instead of freaking out and canceling the whole thing, we (mostly meaning our remarkably talented photographer) made it work.

And you know what? I'm happy it rained. Some of my favorite shots from the day were when my hair was soaking wet (bye, bye blowout!) and we were forced to stop under a tree in a random parking lot. Besides, it was also easier to forget about being nervous as we dodged puddles and ran for cover.

So after emerging victorious from a very, very wet engagement photo session, I realized that rain won't actually ruin any of your wedding festivities. In fact, the pictures might even bet better!

Now let these beautiful rainy wedding pictures be a lesson in going with the flow and embracing whatever your big day throws at you — because if it's just rain, then you're in for a treat.

Image via Ryan Horban (Rock This Moment)