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No matter how difficult your workout may be, the real challenge comes when the workout is over and you're left with the daunting task of figuring out what to do with your hair. Sure, there is a rare breed of girls who manage to stroll out of the gym with their hair looking like they never even produced an ounce sweat, but for most of us, that's a far cry from our reality. And yet, you should never let your post-workout hair woes stop you from getting your sweat on, especially when we have just the tricks to get your hair looking fabulous even after that hot yoga class. 

Sometimes all you need are the right products, while other times it's all about embracing whatever seemingly-disastrous thing your hair has going on (though it's really not nearly as bad as you think, we promise). Either way, there are so many ways to achieve post-workout hair looks that you'll actually want to show off to the world.

Ready to build your post-workout hair repertoire? Here are some simple hacks that we know you, and your hair, will love.