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Whether you’ve already had babies or wonder about maybe becoming a mom someday, it’s incredible to think our bodies are capable of growing another human being. And, our power in motherhood goes beyond pregnancy and birth to then caring for and feeding our children. While the journey looks different for every woman, one thing remains the same — raising kids is hard, physically-demanding work.

To make things even more complicated, we live in a society that puts a lot of pressure on women to "bounce back" after childbirth. All too often, we fear our bodies will never be the same and then stress as we try to reclaim our pre-baby selves. For some women this is easy, and for others, things will simply never be the same, and that's alright. Our bodies give us the gift of our children and we owe ourselves patience and love in return.

Ready to be in awe? Each of these moms is inspiring in her strength and shows us beauty truly comes in all shapes and sizes.